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Custom Jacket Singapore

Oct 8


Two things I am a fan of about winter: wearing jackets and also selling them.

The ultimate way to increase sales; custom jacket singapore instantly make zeros on revenue and profits.

In this world of uncertainty There's one thing that we can count on: it will be colder at the exact time every year. Winter or, in the world of uniforms jacket season is coming up.

The customer places an order for new shirts, and you describe why adding a few jackets or jumpers are an excellent investment to keep employees in uniform, no matter the weather. It's not a good idea to wear those branded polos during five days of the calendar year (twelve when you're located in Canberra).

Custom Jacket Singapore are great promotional items. They're stylish, practical and can be used as walking billboards for an entire team. They also provide an enormous variety of style, features, and function.

Here are the main selling points for our jackets collection.



There are two kinds of jackets to choose from: the larger team-sized purchase which is focused on function, choosing the appropriate corporate colors and a price that is budget-friendly.

And then there's the one made for wear to work and will make you look and feel fantastic.

One is actually a necessity and the second is a desire.

My concentration is on the second. The benefit of marketing psychology is desires are a much more effective motivational tool.

Have you ever had a desire for something that you did not really want, but the anticipation of getting it was so compelling that it became almost impossible to resist?

As I've just purchased a pair of the recently launched Reebok Nano X training shoes and for no other reason other than that I was looking for to try them on I am able to confirm this.

Do I have an old pair of trainers that I could make use of? - yes. Technically, I did not really need these. However, I certainly desired they were there and that was majorly in my feelings about the purchase as well as the amount I could afford to pay for them.

The typical person is willing to spend more money on the things they want rather than what they require and cost is less of a factor.

The price of the unit is more than the one that is a jackets, but the psychological aspect of branding your company with Ogio, a powerful brand Ogio will be an exciting experience. It's a desire.

The presence of brands available, it lets you provide a memorable brand experience to clients who want to feel comfortable, like sales teams. Since the life span of a high-quality jacket measured in years, the additional expense is one that many think about.



The possibility of offering a selection of jackets that range in price from just $20 wholesale up to more than $300 will allow you to help your clients in addressing their needs and desires in a more flexible manner.

While the bulk orders typically fall in the mid-low price range, I have to admit that I didn't think that our jackets in the top range would be able to sell the way that they do. There is definitely demand.



If you are looking at a budget range one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a jacket in addition to functionality, is colour. The ability to have an outerwear collection with a wide range of choices in the same color and style is an enormous advantage.

Port Authority Active Colourblock Port Authority Active Colourblock is an outstanding illustration. The softshell version for males and female versions, with an affordable style that is popular and a color options, it is the foundation for a corporate collection.


More options of materials to meet different needs of the industry are available. Corner Stone's duck-cloth material is an excellent instance of a highly sought-after product in the service and workwear industries.

On the other hand receptionists in front of the office might want an easy cotton-rich blazer to keep warm, but without compromising fashion.



The final point is that the function of the custom jacket singapore can be an established aspect of a person's requirements. One example is waterproofing.

The variety of water-proof ratings is essential to meet the requirements of the client. A shower-proof softshell could suffice for a salesperson traveling who is hopping from office to car landscaping professionals require an air-tight, lightweight and waterproof jacket like this Port Authority Tech Rain Jacket which is available for males and women.

This feature is a part of the primary reason for a jacket: warmth.

Again ranging from an essential fleece to a 'technical', insulated and highly waterproof/breathable jacket, such as the Port Authority Insulated Waterproof Jacket.