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Custom Umbrella

Oct 17

Why are Custom Umbrellas so popular in businesses?

Most people view umbrellas as an essential household item that is only used for rainy days. There are many branding options that can be used to personalize umbrellas. This makes them great gifts for employees and clients. 83% associate corporate gifts with brands. An American study found that umbrellas are sold at around 33 million per year. This is a lot of branding and marketing potential. Custom Umbrella  are a great gift idea for employees, and a must-have accessory in luxurious hotels.

Aquaholic loves the rain but we are impartial. These are the top reasons why umbrellas are so popular among companies:

1. Custom Umbrella have been used for centuries and are still widely available. Umbrellas are universally used and can be found anywhere it rains or shines.

2. Custom Umbrella can be used to market your business. This is particularly true on narrow streets, where pedestrians have to pay close attention in order to avoid collisions. It's almost like a billboard. Artists, hotels and companies can use umbrellas to promote their products.

3. Umbrellas represent safety, protection, and practicality. These little umbrellas can protect us from the rain and wind in a very simple way. When you reach for your umbrella to protect you, you'll remember the brand on canvas.

4. Because the umbrella is flexible, it's easy to alter and personalize. Customers and brands can modify the products this way.

Custom Umbrella ss are difficult to make because many components must be assembled correctly to ensure that they resist wind and last a long time. These umbrellas are also affordable options for companies that want to have their logo printed on them.

If your company is interested, we recommend you only buy customised umbrellas from umbrella experts. Professionals are the best people to handle umbrellas.

Aquaholic is a partner with some of the most successful and prestigious hotels and brands in France since 2003.

This is an example of a great collaboration with a local hotel in Singapore. This makes you feel like you're still inside, even though it is outside in the rain. Aquaholic Gifts will inspire you!